A year ago today, the girls and I were viewing the total solar eclipse from Athens, Tennessee.  I left all photography to the experts and chose to just enjoy the experience sans technology.  But I did take this photo.. interesting marketing strategy, don’t you think??

Lego is popular in our family.  Here are a couple of big projects that L and I worked on last year.  The Falcon took us weeks!  We customized it with LED wire to light up the engines and parts of the inside.  Can you spot the missing piece??

Prayers for Robert Wickens, who was severely injured in a horrible crash at the IndyCar race in Pocono yesterday.  And a big FU to the classless Michael Andretti, who needs to get his priorities straight before opening his mouth.

Migrated my blog to self-hosted WordPress from micro.blog.  Both places felt comfortable as far as owning my own content.  But WordPress gives me more flexibility to manage how it’s presented.  Now to go learn about IndieWeb to increase engagement.

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