Watched Sharp Objects on HBO over the last few days.  I love that it’s a self-contained story over 8 episodes.  A great thriller! 🌻 📺

The Oregon Ducks will once again be bludgeoning my alma mater today.  I’m not sure the benefit for either team playing these lopsided, cross-divisional games.  As Portland State’s own coach said, “… if we’re close in the fourth quarter I’m guessing Mr. Knight is going to punch some people in the neck. That’s realistic.” #GoDucks #GoViks

More creepiness from the tech industry..  iOS apps that use location data legitimately but then also sell your data for profit. I had one of these apps.  Had being the key word. See the article for a specific list. 🔗

Yet another epic come-from-behind win for the Red Sox today to sweep the Atlanta Braves!  #DirtyWater ⚾️

Way to go Oregon!  The Ducks start the year off with a win!  #GoDucks!

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