Facebook continues to be creepy.  Twisting their two-factor security implementation into yet another channel for advertising revenue.  Shocking. 🔗

The Oregon Ducks will once again be bludgeoning my alma mater today.  I’m not sure the benefit for either team playing these lopsided, cross-divisional games.  As Portland State’s own coach said, “… if we’re close in the fourth quarter I’m guessing Mr. Knight is going to punch some people in the neck. That’s realistic.” #GoDucks #GoViks

More creepiness from the tech industry..  iOS apps that use location data legitimately but then also sell your data for profit. I had one of these apps.  Had being the key word. See the article for a specific list. 🔗

Prayers for Robert Wickens, who was severely injured in a horrible crash at the IndyCar race in Pocono yesterday.  And a big FU to the classless Michael Andretti, who needs to get his priorities straight before opening his mouth.

Migrated my blog to self-hosted WordPress from micro.blog.  Both places felt comfortable as far as owning my own content.  But WordPress gives me more flexibility to manage how it’s presented.  Now to go learn about IndieWeb to increase engagement.

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