A year ago today, the girls and I were viewing the total solar eclipse from Athens, Tennessee.  I left all photography to the experts and chose to just enjoy the experience sans technology.  But I did take this photo.. interesting marketing strategy, don’t you think??

📷 🚚 This happens every month or two with this bridge and I just don’t get it. There are several clear warning signs and even hanging “warning” indicators that you would strike before hitting the bridge itself.

Having a hey-you-kids-get-off-of-my-lawn moment: This is ridiculous, look at some of these dates! Where I grew up, the 4th of July fireworks were on the 4th, go figure. 🔗 🙄

Broken whisk plus need for speed = Moar horsepower! Channeling Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. 📷👩🏼‍🍳🍪

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